What is the right time to meet your doctors in the hospitals?

Right time to meet consultants during OPD is from 10 AM TO 5 PM.

However for emergency cases doctors are available 24 *7 in our emergency department.

How do I make an appointment with a doctor for consultation?

For that you need to call on our customer care number -0712-6655131.

They will schedule your appointment with the doctor’s accordingly.

Is your hospital open in the night for all kinds of emergency?

Yes, we have 24*7 emergency services along with the diagnostic facility of radiology, pathology and 24 hours pharmacy.

What is your hospital emergency number?

Our emergency number is – 0712-6624400

What is the procedure for a patient to get admitted in the hospital?

Patient can get direct admission by contacting at IPD billing department or through ER or OPD.

In case of Planned Hospitalization

In the case of planned admission you would have first consulted a doctor who in turn advised you on the probable date of hospitalization. In such case you must have applied for an approval of the estimated hospital expenses directly with your TPA at least 4-5 days prior to the date of hospitalization.

In case you have not applied for pre-authorization sufficiently in advance or if the doctor treating you advises you to get hospitalised immediately after the consultation, our insurance desk will assist you through the pre-authorization procedure.

However, you will need to bear in mind that on behalf of the hospitals, insurance desk is only a facilitator and can in no way influence the decision on the approval .the approval can be turned down.

Is there any facility avaible for online consultation?

Yes, we have started online consultation services also.

For that you have to contact our  customer care number -0712-6624100 or 8605604444 and you have to tell them for which speciality you  want online consultation and they will be provide you  with the  speciality doctors name list and you can choose accordingly.

You will be then shared with QR Code on you whatsapp messenger for the payment and after that your consultation time will be scheduled.