Home Care Services

Wockhardt Hospital extends health care services at the comfort and convenience of your home.

When would you need these services?

  • Doctor Intervention is not required.
  • Accessibility being a constraint to your nearest medical centre
  • Patient is not in a condition to visit the hospital ( disability or restricted mobility)
  • Senior citizen and no care taker to accompany the same
  • Blood collection for parameters that require frequent monitoring
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of certain medical parameters

Our services include Homecare Lab Sample Collection, Nursing Care, and Physiotherapy. Each service is designed keeping in mind the requirements of your illness and the procedure to be carried at your home. Our team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapist are specifically trained with skill sets for providing dedicated medical care with absolute precision and compassion.Our aim would be to assist in your quick recuperation at your home efficiently, keeping in mind quality of care.


Physiotherapy Home care services

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation aims at alleviating pain and reduced mobility. We provide a guided and protocol care plan administered by highly qualified physiotherapists at a time most convenient to the patient. Our Physiotherapists help patients regain mobility, as far as possible by assessing, diagnosing and treating the disabilities.Conditions such as back pain, paralysis, sport injuries, neurological disorders, cerebral palsy, or elderly patient with joint disorders and post-surgery cases would benefit from our home care immensely. Our Services Include:

  • Specialized manipulative physiotherapy
  • Chest/Cardiac physiotherapy
  • Manual physiotherapy
  • Neuro physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedic physiotherapy
  • Post-surgical physiotherapy
  • Sports physiotherapy

Home Care Sample Collection

Home Care Sample Collection

Our in- house lab collection services, allow you to evaluate your health status. We offer a wide range of investigations at the accessibility of your home. These tests could be common tests for monitoring your blood sugar level to specific tests assessing your overall health status, such as kidney, heart or liver etc. We offer various health packages for assessing your health status which you can choose .With this service you would have to visit our hospital only for doctor’s consultation and to perform non pathological investigations, if required, along with your reports. We thus save your efforts valuable time in coming to our hospital for blood collection and reports.We offer exceptional home sample collection service by qualified trained lab technicians. All our test procedures and results are in compliance with NABH quality assurance protocols. Our Services include
  • Lab samples collected at your doorstep  with prior appointment
  • Lab reports delivered either by courier or via email
  • Specialises tests can also be done