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This dialogue provides a framework for the delivery of Non-COVID clinical care during the COVID-19 pandemic at Wockhardt Hospitals.

We have consistently served the community  & our patients effectively from last so many years. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities recommended that healthcare systems should prioritize urgent visits and delay elective care to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in healthcare settings. As the pandemic continues, Wockhardt Hospitals, understands that systems must balance the need to provide necessary services while minimizing risk to patients and Healthcare Workers. We have received the brunt of dreaded viral infection & have faced an unprecedented onslaught of COVID 19 pandemic. But as states and localities begin to stabilize and infection reduces, it is important to restart care that is currently being postponed, such as certain procedural care (surgeries and procedures), chronic disease care & also preventive care. It is important to be flexible and allow hospitals to provide care for patients needing non-emergent, Non-COVID-19 healthcare.

Wockhardt Hospital has initiated multifaceted actions for our patients.  Patients continue to have ongoing healthcare needs that are currently being deferred.

Hence we have restarted our NON-COVID services namely our OPD/Diagnostic Services & our admissions to Wards and ICU. The NON COVID patients are to be screened in the ER through an Antigen/RT PCR/HR-CT. In an endeavour to provide an environment safe from Corona Virus appropriate signages, patient /visitor screening protocols and patient pathways have been initiated.

There is a dedicated Non COVID ICU & Ward Floor as also an OPD Waiting Area with adequate Social Distancing.

We have ultra safe facilities for NON COVID patients to ensure your complete safety.

Key considerations include

  • Dedicated Entry
  • Dedicated ER
  • Dedicated Personnel
  • Dedicated Floors
  • Dedicated Elevators
  • Dedicated Billing Counter

Facility Considerations

  • We have in place steps to reduce risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission; these areas are separate from other facilities to the degrees possible (i.e designated rooms & floor with a separate entrance and minimal crossover with COVID-19 areas).
  • Within the facility, administrative and engineering controls have established to facilitate social distancing, such as minimizing time in waiting areas, spacing chairs, and maintaining low patient volumes.
  • Visitors are prohibited but if they are necessary for an aspect of patient care, they are pre-screened in the same way as patients.

Sanitation Protocols

  • We have an established plan for thorough cleaning and disinfection prior to using spaces or facilities for patients with non-COVID-19 care needs
  • Also we have defined Primary Desk of Hospitals/Reception Guide lines/Out Patient Department (OPD) Guidelines /In-Patient Department (IPD) & Hospital Staff Guidelines/Visitors’ Guidelines

With Adherence to prescribed  safety protocols. We are ready to serve our patients at Wockhardt Hospitals.

Let us fight& meet  the current environmental challenge with our unity, precision, zeal & professionalism.